The Attitude of Gratitude...Small, Special Moments

Right this moment, I am doing absolutely nothing special, but it feels special – I am suffused with a feeling of being blessed in my life. I’m kneading bread that I hope will make a hard day at work for my honey seem a little less hard when he comes home to a house that practically yells “FRESH BREAD AND I LOVE YOU! So I’m kneading bread, and a country ballad is playing, and I’ve worked out so I can pig out on the fresh stuff (slathered with butter, natch.) I just put out a new book, and I am so very fortunate to be able to do work I love and have people in my life whom I love and who love me…
Bread made with love

Bread made with love

That’s what life is all about, if you ask me: the small moments. Happy in the moment. The Attitude of Gratitude…one of the finest gifts we can give ourselves. Here’s to those small, special moments for you!
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    I can’t stop reading. It is great!