daniellePlease meet my next Clever and Crafty Friend, Danielle Childers. Danielle creates creative and gorgeous quilts for every occasion, and I do mean EVERY occasion, and every member of her family (including her dog and cat.)

I asked Danielle to tell us a little bit about her quilting. 

palletteDanielle explained that the people in her office quilt as a team building activity. “It’s really been a fantastic de-stresser and bonding experience. We’re always excited to come in the next morning and see and share what we’ve been working on.” 

cat blockDanielle starts with a pallet of colors, like those shown here and then  starts building her blocks to create a finished piece. The cat block shown here became part of a quilt that is currently hanging in the accounting department of Danielle’s office. “I love animals that look sad, but aren’t,” Danielle said. She calls this block “Sad Kitty.”  


Inspiration for some of her projects come from her pets, three cats and a bulldog named Cowboy. In
addition to quilting, Danielle also
made the crocheted scarf that Cowboy wore to complete his Harry Potter costume. 

Cowboy quiltNot to be left out, Cowboy also appeared in one of Danielle’s quilts, shown here as it was being pieced. 


DillonAbby quiltAnd although we’ve highlighted several of Danielle’s animal quilts, she makes quilts for people, too. “Once you start quilting, everyone wants one, but few people realize the time and cost that goes into making a full size quilt (months and at least a couple hundred bucks),” Danielle explained. It’s not an easy task, but one she enjoys. The quilt on the left was made as a wedding present for Danielle’s brother and sister in law. 

GI quiltAmong the more unique quilts Danielle has made is an anatomy quilt, which depicts the human digestive system. “I married my husband when he was just 2 weeks into medical school, and 7 years later, he’s completing his residency, will be chief resident in a couple months, and will go on to a fellowship in Gastroenterology. He has an office now, and I couldn’t let him have the same laminated poster charts that everyone else has, so I made this. . . while he was on an overnight call. It took just under 22 hours to get the palette, trace the chart, oversize it at kinkos, cut templates, cut fabric, adhere to fusible web, place, iron and applique. It reminds me of something Poe would have on his wall. And I might be the first quilter to ever applique intestines.” 

in from the cold quiltDanielle finds inspiration all around her. Pets, holidays (especially Christmas, only 264 days to go), movies, books, and yes, even her husband’s medical practice. “I’m currently working on a quilt inspired by ‘Gidget’ the movie, not the tv series, that’s sole purpose is for use while watching Gidget or reading anything by Rebecca Wells. It’s very cheery.”

We want to thank Danielle for letting us share her projects with you!

We’d love to see some of your clever and crafty projects! If you’d like to be featured on Jean’s Clever and Crafty Friends, send an email to blogsubmission@jeanbrashear.com.


Here is another one of my favorite country songs, Dust by the Eli Young Band. I’d love to hear what songs inspire you. Comment below or stop by my Facebook page and tell me what you’re listening to. 


Dust by Eli Young Band


Nothing puts me in the mood to write romance quite like listening to a good country song – check out this one by Trace Adkins!

I grew up with country music and couldn’t wait to turn my back on my roots and head for the bright lights and big city–so imagine my surprise that the older me has learned to absolutely LOVE country music. Ballads full of love and heartache and longing…so yummy! In the spirit of that affection, I’m going to share some of my favorites, and I’d love to hear what songs speak to you!

Trace Adkins caught my attention early in my romance writing career with a ballad called Every Light in the House. One of the romance themes I adore writing is the notion of a second chance, of a reunion with someone who was once your world, of that special one you left behind…or who left you behind. Thinking about that song now, the story of the woman who walked away from a good man’s love and chose the bright city lights…hmmm…I may have to write that story yet, about what happens when life lets her down and she comes home…

Meanwhile, here’s a taste of a new love song from the man himself…


Watch The World End by Trace Adkins