From Deep in the Heart of Texas…Happy Texas Independence Day!

Texas Independence Day, Texas Heroes series by Texas native, USATODAY bestselling author Jean Brashear

Always a Texan

Today Texans celebrate their Declaration of Independence, signed in 1836. Texas remained a sovereign nation until it joined the Union in 1845. There are those who might prefer we had remained our own country because we do tend toward being independent cusses;) (and possibly a number of folks outside the state wish we had, too!) but on one point all Texans can agree: Texas is a state of mind, a larger-than-life concept, and no matter how far away we might find ourselves residing, deep in our hearts, Texas is always home. texas flag texas heroes by native Texan romance author Jean Brashear  
So I wasn’t sure about going for the whole bare chest cover thing…am I craven? Crass? Venal? Pick your adjective. The stories are, after all, about so much more than sexy guys. Then the salTexas Hearts Trilogy: Book 3 Texas Bad Boy by Jean Brasheares figures started coming in.;) Forget my high-flown notions, forget any latent puritanical impulses, forget how much emotion is in these books, how dear these characters are to me… It’s official…bare chests ROCK! This message brought to you by the TEXAS HEARTS trilogy: TEXAS SECRETS, TEXAS LONELY, TEXAS BAD BOY  
Jean Brashear

Jean Brashear