The Pearl of Paradise

The Pearl of Paradise by Jean Brashear

A Novella: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jean Brashear

An unabashedly romantic tale of sacrifices made in the name of love…

Former mercenary Damon Alexander accepted guardianship of a sacred ivory carving and sacrificed any chance for a life with his beloved Lily to save her from being killed by his archenemy. Now his enemy is back and murdering innocents to draw him off sacred ground.

Cursed to die should he leave the sacred carving he is pledged to protect, Damon is prepared to sacrifice his life to stop the carnage-but Lily is equally determined to save him with the only thing that might hold him back, the knowledge that he has a son.

When his enemy kidnaps their child, the love that never died draws them together in a race to find some means to break the curse and save the son Damon has never met.

Jean Brashear

Jean Brashear