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This performance gets more extraordinary as it goes along–what remarkable poise and discipline! I do love listening to a drum corps–do you?

I love the show Dirty Jobs, where host Mike Rowe not only celebrates those who do the hard work we too often take for granted but does those jobs himself. Don’t give up on the first part of this video–he has some very important points to make about how we focus too much on the supposed better life of working less and by doing so, marginalize those who have the backbone and sheer grit to keep the engine of society going. Work wasn’t always a dirty word, but too often these days it has become one.

Watch Mike Rowe’s TED talk 

 On this Labor Day, while a lot of us are playing, many of these people who do the bedrock work that allows our leisure are NOT playing…let’s celebrate those who work! 

 the voice blog post 2

THE VOICE is new to me, in the sense that I’d heard of it but never watched it before this season, and I’m struck by several things: 

–The Judges: I knew Shakira’s name but haven’t really listened to her, and I like her so much! Adam Levine is a hottie, and I liked listening to him; ditto Usher, but getting to know them as people has been fun. Blake Shelton I knew because I listen to country more (which still astounds me–growing up, I disdained it totally!) but he wasn’t on my go-to list, yet now I like the heck out of him!

–The Chemistry: the much-talked-about bromance between Blake and Adam is fun, but all of them have molded into quite a cast–Shakira is such a lady and a gentle influence; Usher has depths to him that really impress me, and the quips flying back and forth between Adam and Blake are a hoot.

–Then, of course, The Talent: SUCH a pleasure to hear such remarkable voices! I hate seeing people go home! 

I will probably forget some I’ll regret not mentioning, but I have my favorites: Holly Tucker, Sarah Simmons, Michele Shamuel, Vedo, Kris Thomas, Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser, Garrett Gardner–wait, that’s nearly all of the finalists, right?

Do you have a favorite? The next cut will be nail-biting interesting!

Jean Brashear

Jean Brashear